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Women | Cultivating Holy Beauty Book 2

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Dear Sister,

I am so excited for the journey ahead as you learn how to let the Healer reveal and heal the brokenness in your life. Why does this matter so much? Sometimes the source of our pain is obvious and palpable—never leaving us alone—like the throbbing of a smashed thumb. Other times, pain can lurk beyond the shadows, only to be noticed when someone accidentally bumps into it. The point is, no matter your background, we all have heart wounds to some degree. Jesus came to bind up the wounds of the heart so that we may walk in greater freedom(Isaiah 61:1-3)! Don’t let the enemy tell you this doesn’t apply to you!

Book 2, “Letting the Healer Heal”, is designed to do just that! To point you to Jesus in such an undeniable way that you allow His Spirit to reveal wounds and lies that you have believed,…

Monique Vasquez
Jazline Roman

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Monique Vasquez
Jazline Roman


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