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21 Days Congregational Prayer & Fasting

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As a church it's very important we come together and pray about the same things! This is why we are currently in a congregational fast. God wants to do something greater and better with our church! Unite!!!

3 weeks of Fasting and Prayer 🙏

Week 1 : Better Urchurch

⁃ Monday

- Relationship with God

- Relationship with one Another

⁃ Tuesday

- Covering over those that serve in the. church

- Burden to reach the lost

⁃ Wednesday

- Breakthrough and Growth in Ministries multiplication of the church

- Break through and Growth as individuals

⁃ Thursday

- Generosity heart / Legacy Giving

- Serving Heart

⁃ Friday

- Sensitivity to the Spirit as a church

- No fear in what God is asking us to do.

Week 2: Family

⁃ Monday

- Priest of The home: Men individuals

- Wives of the House - Women individuals

⁃ Tuesday

⁃ - Marriages/ relationships/ Couples

⁃ - Singles

⁃ Wednesday

- Youth / Kids (identity crisis)

- Young adults

⁃ Thursday

- Abusive Homes

- Child and sex trafficking

⁃ Friday

- Singles parents

- Physical Orphans and feel Spiritually orphaned.

Week 3: The Nation


⁃ State government

⁃ Country Government (elections)


- Missionaries

- First responders


⁃ Pastors of other churches

⁃ Apostles of the nations


⁃ Israel

⁃ Countries


- Other religions know true God

- Recap

Yaneisy Maldonado
Pastor Janelle Adorno


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